At the age of 17, Ester started working at a tattoo shop drawing custom designs for a tattoo artist. During her 7 years there she learned to draw all sorts of styles.

Drawing, however, was her side job while she was doing her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, specializing in drawing and printmaking.

But it wasn’t until the last years of Ester’s drawing gig when she started having interest in becoming a tattoo artist.

After trying out tattooing here and there, she started tattooing for real in 2014. A few months later, Ester was on a plane to Copenhagen and she’s stayed here ever since!

In the past years, she’s been focusing on finding her personal style. Naturally, Ester ended up specializing in color realism.

For the past couple of months we have had the chance to work alongside with Ester and truth be told – her work is mind-blowing! We’re beyond happy to have @estertarabal join us at Dropout Collective.

To book with Ester, click this link: