In her opinion, tattoos offer a profound way of capturing and expressing emotions, memories, ideas, and visions.

With a master’s degree in Sustainable Design, Marie refined her perspective on art and design, focusing on what she creates and why.

“Initially, I ventured into fashion design, but I felt disconnected from the mass-production cycle, leading me to redirect my creative path. Then, I discovered tattoo art; a realm where I could align my values with my passion for craftsmanship.

Tattoos are unique expressions that hold intrinsic value, never to be sold, traded, or devalued. This aligns with my vision for more honest, human creation and interaction. Nature serves as my greatest source of inspiration, and I love to observe how nature always finds a way to self-organize into patterns with no human intervention.”

Marie is endlessly captivated by the self-organization of nature, from cymatics to fractals, and the microscopic biological world. This fascination inspires the fusion of botanical designs and ornaments on the human canvas for aesthetic beauty, but also to express the symbiosis connecting all life forms. To Marie, it is a beautiful way to cherish and coexist harmoniously with the wondrous natural world around us.

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