Meet Robin, a tattoo artist from Copenhagen whose fascination with tattoos began at the age of 16 when he saw his friends getting their first tattoos. Since then, Robin knew he wanted to combine a lifelong passion for drawing and creativity with something truly loved – tattoos.

After a period of uncertainty about his path in life, Robin decided to follow the passion and turn a love for art into a career. With a natural ability to learn new skills when dedicated, Robin is now immersed in training as a tattoo artist and enjoys every moment of the process.

Robin’s style focuses on realism and Black and Grey, where he find the greatest freedom to express creativity. Deeply inspired by classical art and statues that have moved people throughout history, Robin strives to bring that same sense of art to his work.

The best part of being a tattoo artist for Robin is the opportunity to create unique and personal designs for each client. Always attentive to clients’ wishes and ideas, Robin combines them with his own creativity to craft something truly special and unique.

Robin constantly strives to be better than the day before, aiming to provide clients with the best possible experience and results they can be proud of for the rest of their lives. Robin looks forward to welcoming you to his chair and creating something beautiful together with you.