“Ruben Jordan Langsted is a top notch tattooer from Denmark who is producing solid black and grey realism work. I believe his tattoos are undeniably incredible, but what really sets him apart in my eyes are his layouts on large scale work.

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Below is information on how to ensure a booking for the 2023-2024 calendar – Please make sure you read everything thoroughly.

I hope this will suffice in answering any questions you might have! 

How I choose clients and projects: 
I expect 100% artistic freedom on, size, details and contrast of the final design. Obviously within the boundaries/theme we both agree on. The tattoo will be based on your idea, but with my take on it. This means that I will in most cases find the reference photos. If you insist on a bad design or placement, I will let you know, and I won’t make the tattoo. I take great pride in my work and to deliver the best possible result I do every tattoo in my own style, without compromise.

I pick and choose clients with the best ideas/themes, and those I feel a good vibe with. Normally this means those who trust me to do my job without telling me what to do. Since I do this every day, I have the experience to make a cool tattoo.

I always use photo references for my work. I choose the final photo and composition. This means I don’t use other tattoos as reference, or copy other tattoo artists’ style. The final design will be done on the first day of your appointment(s).

Ideas, that for any reason – I’m not comfortable with or feel I can’t execute with a good result – will not be considered. Keep this in mind before requesting an appointment. Artistic freedom is key!

Traveling clients and planning big projects! 
I am privileged and humbled by the amount of people who travel to get a session with me, and I will do my best to accommodate back-to-back sessions to get the project finished as soon as possible without rushing any step of the way.

I do not work more than 3 full day-sessions back-to-back. This is already a huge amount of open skin that will need a safe healing process. This has forced me to learn a new way to approach large-scale work and is now detrimental to my techniques and understanding of large-scale compositions.

I always ‘map’ the first sessions, meaning I will add more layers in the tattoo after it’s healed to ensure the best detail, saturation and longevity of the finished tattoo. After all, it’s something you will carry the rest of your life!

Example of planning a large-scale project can be 3 – 3 – 2 (days). This means 3 trips to the studio.

  • Start: 3 days back-to-back sessions with planning and mapping most of the project.  
  • Healing for at least weeks 
  • Continue3 days back-to-back to saturate and add details in most of the design. 
  • Healing for at least weeks. 
  • Finishing: 2 days back-to-back, to add the final layer of detail, highlights, fix any issues that might have occurred during healing process and go over the design overall to ensure the best result.

Time and work hours 
Work hours are 09.00 -15.00 CET. Monday to Friday. 
How long your project might take depends a few variables like 

  • Your pain threshold, meaning brakes and how well you 
  • Your skintype, some people bleed more, some people have stretch marks 
  • Your size, obviously one of the biggest factors. 
  • The intricacy and level of detail in the design. 
  • The placement of the tattoo itself.

After a decade of experience these are my estimates. 

Full sleeve = 7-8 sessions.

Full back = 7-10 sessions.

Full front = 9-12 sessions.

Full leg = 8-10 sessions.

Prices and down payment: 
The cost of each sleeve, or any large project is different from client to client. How many sessions I will use on one sleeve/backpiece i.e., varies from person to person.

Day session price for 2023 and 2024 will be 12.500dkk.

Down payment of 1.000 DKK per session (via PayPal, Mobile Pay or cash in shop).

Down payments are nonrefundable under any circumstance.