Shop Rules

  • You must be minimum 18 at the time of your appointment
  • Arrive on time of your appointment
  • Do not bring an entourage.
  • Be sober, no drugs are allowed on the premise.
  • Shower before your appointment, don’t be funky.
  • Deposits must be paid
  • Deposits are nonrefundable
  • Read and accept your artists terms, they might differ.
  • Any inquiries about your tattoo should be with your artist directly
  • Respect our neighbors. Dropout is a part of a bigger office complex called BiNGS, don’t litter when at the premise.

There is a reception at first floor of the office complex, where you can buy food or beverages, during, before or after your appointment. They will also help you find your way to the studio if you have a hard time locating it.